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Peacock Sound: You might be wondering that you need to know the sound that a Peacock make.  Or you might be asked ”what sound does a Peacock make?” Nevertheless, this article have  what you are looking for.

When most people think of peacocks, the first thing that comes to mind is their vibrant colors. But did you know that peacocks also make a sound tagged Peacock sound?

In fact, they have a very distinct call that can be heard from quite a distance. If you’ve ever wondered what sound a peacock makes, wonder no more!

What sound does a peacock make?

Peacock sound is amazing. The peacock is a beautiful bird that is native to India. It is the national bird of India and its name means “bird of paradise.” The peacock is known for its colorful feathers and its loud call. But what does a peacock sound like?

A peacock’s call is actually quite loud and can be heard from far away. The sound is often described as a “screech” or a “shriek.” Peacocks use their calls to communicate with each other and to attract mates.

So, if you’re ever in the presence of a peacock, be prepared for a loud noise! But it’s sure to be a beautiful one.

What sound does a peacock make
What sound does a peacock make

Why do peacocks make noise at night?

We all know that peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers and majestic calls, but did you know that they also make noise at night? Here are seven reasons why peacocks make noise at night:

Peacocks use their calls to communicate with each other. They use different calls to signal things like danger, warning, or excitement.

Peacocks also use their calls to attract mates. The males will often make loud calls to try and impress the females.

Peacocks will sometimes make noise at night if they are feeling threatened or scared. This is their way of trying to scare off predators or other animals that might be a threat.

Another reason peacocks make noise at night is because they are trying to find a mate. The males will often call out to the females in an attempt to attract them.

Lastly, peacocks may make noise at night simply because they are bored or restless. If there is nothing else for them to do, they may just start making noise to pass the time.

Do female peacocks make noise?

The answer is yes, female peacocks do make noise. However, their calls are usually softer and more subdued than those of the males.

In general, you’ll hear them make more noise during mating season as they try to attract mates. Other times, you might hear them make soft chirping or clicking sounds when they’re near each other in a flock.

So, if you’re ever wondering whether or not female peacocks are making noise, the answer is most likely yes!

Do Peacock Sound Called Squawk?

Yes, peacocks do squawk. However, they don’t do it often. When they do make noise, it usually sounds like a loud cry or scream. Peacocks are actually pretty quiet birds most of the time.

They typically only make noise when they are startled or alarmed. So if you hear a peacock squawking, it’s probably because something has scared it!


A peacock is a bird of the pheasant family. The male is called a peacock, the female a peahen, and the young are called chicks.

The term “peacock sound” is also used to refer to the male’s spectacular tail feathers, which can be more than two feet long and are marked with eyespots.

When the tail is fully open, it resembles a fan or crown. The peacock’s call is a loud, high-pitched screech that sounds like “kee-owr.”


No, they are not. Peacocks are much louder than peahens. In fact, peacocks are some of the loudest birds in the world! They use their loud calls to attract mates and warn other peacocks of danger. So, if you’re looking for a quiet bird, a peahen is definitely the better choice.


The answer is simple: you can’t. But you can minimize the sound you hear.

Peacocks are notoriously noisy birds, and there is no way to completely stop them from making noise. However, there are a few things you can do to minimize the amount of noise they make.

First, try to keep them away from areas where people live or sleep. If they are regularly making noise in a certain area, try to block off that area with fences or other barriers.

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Second, make sure they have plenty of food and water. A well-fed peacock is less likely to make noise than one who is hungry or thirsty.

Finally, try to provide them with some sort of hiding place or shelter. This will help them feel safe and secure, and may help to reduce the amount of noise they make.

None of these methods is guaranteed to work, but they may help to minimize the amount of noise made by peacocks. If you are dealing with a particularly noisy bird, you may just have to accept that there is no way to completely stop it from making noise.

Peacock Sound | Are Female Peafowls Loud?

Both the male and female of the species are very vocal. The females will often make a loud, high-pitched noise that can be heard up to a mile away.

While the males do make some noise, it is nothing compared to the females. So, if you are looking for a quiet bird, the female peafowl is not the one for you.

However, if you don’t mind a little noise, then these beautiful birds can make wonderful pets. Peacock sound is cool to some people like; Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon?

Peacock Sound Are Female Peafowls Loud
Peacock Sound Are Female Peafowls Loud

Will Peacock Attack You for Stopping it to Make Noise?

No, peacocks will not attack you for stopping them from making noise. In fact, they are quite docile creatures and are more likely to run away from a confrontation than anything else.

However, if you do find yourself in the rare situation where a peacock does become aggressive, the best thing to do is to back away slowly and give it some space.

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Most importantly, do not try to capture or hurt the peacock, as this will only aggravate the situation. Peacocks are beautiful creatures that should be respected, not feared.

So next time you see one making a racket, just enjoy the show and let them be! Thanks for reading our awesome article on Peacock sound.

Do you have any other questions about peacocks or Peacock sound? Let us know in the comments below!

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