The way to Entice Blue Jays? (13 Simple Suggestions)

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Attracting blue jays to your yard could be a enjoyable and rewarding expertise.

These colourful and clever birds are a typical sight in lots of elements of america and Canada, and they’re recognized for his or her daring personalities and distinctive calls.

On this article, we are going to present 13 recommendations on how you can appeal to blue jays to your yard.

Whether or not you’re a seasoned chook watcher or simply getting began, attracting blue jays to your yard is an effective way to take pleasure in nature and add a contact of magnificence to your outside area.

The way to Entice Blue Jays?

1. Supply Some Nuts

Supply Some Nuts
Supply Some Nuts

Placing out roasted, unsalted nuts is a tried-and-true methodology of attracting blue jays to your chook feeders.

Full peanuts, together with different seeds, maize, and grains, are a favourite meals of those birds.

Their highly effective black payments make brief work of cracking open nuts and acorns.

Blue jays could also be enticed with nearly any type of seed or nut, however you need to keep away from providing them something that could be very seasoned.

Birds of this species additionally take pleasure in a different food plan that features berries, tiny fruits, sunflower seeds, and insets.

Blue jays will love a Beech or Oak tree as a house due to the abundance of nuts and canopy it gives.

2. Use Leaf Litter to Entice Blue Jays

Seeds, nuts, and different meals objects are hidden by blue jays in tree cavities and beneath free bark.

When you have a blue jay in your neighborhood, this may take a peanut or nut out of your chook feeder and punctiliously dig it out of the leaf litter beneath your oak tree.

Sadly, the jays usually overlook the place they buried the nuts, so tons of of them are left to germinate the following spring.

Nonetheless, it’s a good suggestion to entice blue jays utilizing leaf litter since these gorgeous birds make the most of leaf litter to hide their fall captures, which can give them the inducement to return to your yard all via the colder months.

3. Put Up Feeders Designed for Blue Jays

The tray or platform feeder is the most typical selection for attracting blue jays. Any hanging feeder that sways or swings will not be a good selection for blue jays since they want stability to eat.

As an alternative, grasp or place feeders low to the bottom to draw jays with maize, peanuts, suet balls, and sunflower seeds.

To maintain these raucous birds content material, you could put up suet feeders along with the same old fare of seed and grain dishes.

Blue jays are large birds, so make sure the feeders you select can deal with the birds’ weight and dimension.

The size of an grownup chook ranges from 9 to 12 inches, and its weight from 2.5 to three.5 ounces.

4. Enable Birds to Nest In Your Yard

Enable Birds to Nest In Your Yard
Enable Birds to Nest In Your Yard

Blue jays normally have many nests as a result of they abandon one on the first signal of hazard.

The dad and mom work collectively to create the nest, with the females primarily chargeable for the constructing and the males for the accumulating of supplies.

As a result of blue jays don’t nest inside birdhouses, they select sturdy, mature timber to name house as a substitute.

The feminine will hatch anyplace from three to seven eggs in a nest she has constructed within the fork of a tree.

You might entice these birds naturally in case you dwell in a wooded space or have large timber in your yard that supply them appropriate nesting websites.

You may additionally plant native bushes and timber in your yard.

Sticks, grass, and twigs clippings could also be used as nesting materials.

An 8-inch sq. basis is advisable for blue jay nesting platforms.

5. The Feeder’s Placement is Essential

Place your feeder close to some bushes or a tree the place blue jays could perch and luxuriate in their meals.

On account of their excessive wariness, these birds are unlikely to go to feeders if persons are within the space.

When you’re occupied with watching the blue jays on the feeder, do it solely from a window and by no means whereas sitting there your self.

Stop the feeder from getting an excessive amount of mild by inserting it within the shade. Birds which might be lively all through the day may make the most of this time to organize and retailer giant quantities of meals.

Keep away from having them spend an excessive amount of time within the solar by minimizing the space they need to go to attain their objectives.

6. Put Collectively a “Blue Jay Scorching Tub”

After chowing down on peanuts, even Blue Jays want a cool drink to get them via the day. Nonetheless, they want potable water to drink and relish the chance to chill themselves in a spacious spa.

If you wish to deliver these birds to your yard, arrange some giant birdbaths the place they will swim and splash.

Since birds like to stay to the identical areas year-round, you received’t want to maneuver the birdbath inside for the winter.

Extra birds, all in quest of water, will flock to your yard in case you set up a couple of larger baths.

A pedestal birdbath could give a backyard a complicated side, which is why some individuals select to place one of their yard.

7. Hold Distance

It bears repeating that blue jays are cautious birds that can keep away from feeding within the presence of individuals. On account of their excessive territoriality, they usually assault cats, canine, and even individuals by diving at them.

These birds will show their displeasure together with your presence by avoiding your proximity. However there’s no have to panic; they received’t deliberately collide with you both.

The most secure plan of action, nonetheless, is to both chorus from going close to their nest location altogether or to spend as little time as attainable there for a lot of days.

When you have to be within the neighborhood of the latest fledglings, use excessive warning and vigilance.

With regards to feeding their younger, blue jays would all the time put up a fierce protection.

8. Get Prepared for the Breeding Season

Get Prepared for the Breeding Season
Get Prepared for the Breeding Season

The Blue Jay is a monogamous species that stays with its companion for all times.

To assist the birds in constructing a nest in the course of the months of March via July, when they’re actively courting and laying eggs, have a stack of sticks and twigs helpful.

The blue jays received’t should make as many journeys forwards and backwards to the nest to get provides, because of this easy adjustment.

To assist them throughout this time, you could put out chook feeders and different meals for these critters to encourage them to remain in your yard.

For hungry jays, you could scatter seeds on the bottom or arrange a giant chook feeder and a floor feeder.

9. Deciding on the Right Vegetation to Entice Jays

Though the returns are modest with this technique, planting oak timber to draw blue jays is one thing to consider.

Additionally, beech timber are a good selection since blue jays like beechnuts. Growing the variety of timber within the yard gives these birds with further locations to nest, perch, and discover meals.

Blue jays rely closely on beechnuts and acorns for sustenance, making oak timber, amongst different nut timber, wonderful selections for attracting these birds.

If you wish to enhance the worth of your own home and appeal to extra blue jays, plant these timber in your yard.

10. Take away the Chance of Your Blue Jay Feeders Being Tampered with by Squirrels

Quite a few countermeasures exist to forestall squirrels from destroying chook feeders.

Select squirrel-resistant feeders and strategies to guard all your feeders from these pests.

Securing feeders will forestall wild squirrels from stealing meals and can make sure the birds have enough to eat.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to put in a baffle to maintain undesirable animals from consuming your helpful feed.

You might enhance the effectivity of poles or upside-down bowls by putting in a baffle.

These fittings wrap the pole’s basis, obstructing any attainable ascent by the squirrels.

Placing up a baffle over a chook feeder can defend it from any potential aerial assaults.

11. Go away Nature to Management Pests

The jays that come to your yard will present a number of the most amusing moments of the yr. There may be, nonetheless, one other essential position they play.

If the Blue Jays in your neighborhood can reliably discover meals in your backyard or yard, they may by no means go.

Blue jays get most of their vitamin from bugs.

Additionally they eat grasshoppers and caterpillars, two frequent backyard pests.

When you proceed to offer meals and shelter to blue jays all year long, you could keep away from utilizing chemical pesticides.

12. To Cope with Them If They Grow to be Troublesome

Though blue jays could also be entertaining to look at and research, they will act aggressively towards different birds.

They might be very noisy, and their droppings could also be present in and round your yard.

Aggressive birds could drive away different species as a result of they refuse to share their feeders.

These antics, particularly when carried out by jays, are sufficient to drive away animals with a excessive diploma of flight avoidance, resembling birds of prey.

A blue jay could also be scared away with out harming the chook in any manner.

If the birds are a nuisance, create a feeding space that solely the jays can use so the smaller birds should still benefit from the feeders.

13. Supply Them Mealworms

Supply Them Mealworms
Supply Them Mealworms

Feeding dwell mealworms to blue jays is an extra fast methodology for attracting them to your yard.

Mealworms are fairly much like the meals that birds eat of their native habitat; subsequently, this is a superb possibility.

They’ll’t resist the odor of the meal. Blue jays want the flavour of contemporary mealworms due to their greater dietary worth.

Mealworms which might be nonetheless alive may be useful in the course of the summer season and spring months. They received’t have the ability to face up to the chilly for very lengthy.

As a result of dwell mealworms are so costly, you don’t wish to waste your money away on something that isn’t completely needed.

Dry mealworms are one other various that’s inexpensive. They’re saved and dried like jerky.

Mealworms which have been dried out are perfect for utilization in the course of the colder months since they are often saved for a lot of days.

They’re additionally inexpensive since it’s less complicated to fabricate them in giant portions. Blue jays could get their needed vitamins from mealworms.

They’re chock stuffed with protein, along with fats and fiber. Though the amount of vitamin that’s included in dried mealworms is mounted, the quantity of vitamin that’s contained in dwell mealworms could also be elevated for blue jays.


When you can present for the blue jays’ basic components, you received’t have any bother luring them into your yard.

Blue jays are depending on accessing meals, water, and a secure place.

You might entice blue jays to nest in your yard by offering them with the right meals, preserving the water circulating, and planting timber of the oak, beech, or coniferous variety.

If you’d like blue jays to go to your yard and hold them safe from different animals, you could accomplish that by following the recommendation given above.


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