Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon?

It’s no news that guinea pigs love to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. As a guinea pig owner, the thoughts of feeding these pets additional nutritional supplements to boost their immune system keep ringing in your mind. Hence, the reason you’re contemplating whether guinea pigs eat watermelon. Worry no more, this guide contains everything you need to know about that. 

Why Watermelon?

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In the first place, why would anyone want to think if their guinea pigs can eat watermelon? Well, it’s because watermelons are lovely fruits that humans love, the majority of us. And I’m sure you’re one; that’s why you got triggered to search about it and even stumbled upon PetsVill. 

Have you heard of squash, zucchini, or even cucumber? That’s the same plant species watermelon comes from, too.

Not only should you be about if they can eat it, but also question yourself if it’s going to be a healthy diet suitable for them. 

Why Guinea Pigs Can Eat Watermelon

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People use the formula that “whatever is healthy for humans should be healthy for animals.” As much as this may sound correct, it isn’t just 100 percent correct in pets cases. Pets’ reactions to consumption are very delicate and can be overreactive because of their stomach systems.

So, in short, guinea pigs can eat watermelon well. But, you must be sure to do this in a reasonable moderation manner. 

Whenever you’re giving your guinea pigs watermelon, be sure to feed them with vegetables and other types of fruits, to create a diversity of nutritional flow. 

Are Watermelons Good For Your Guinea Pigs?

At this point, gathering factual info regarding guinea pigs and watermelon before feeding them with it is very pertinent. 

The same way humans do not produce vitamin c naturally, the same applies to guinea pigs. So, what am I trying to say?

If you’re familiar with most fruits’ nutrients, you should know by now that watermelon produces vitamin c and vitamin A.

Yeah, so that’s the hell point while you should feed your guinea pigs with watermelon. So they can consume vitamins day in day out since they don’t produce them naturally, too.

However, this may not be the best measure for every damn time. Be careful. 

Common Issues With Watermelon And Guinea Pigs

The same way a watermelon provides huge vitamins, likewise how it contains lots of water and sugar.

You don’t want to do one thing because you are aware watermelon contains lots of water, and then you try to feed them with so much watermelon that it even takes the place of natural water. This is what I see a lot of people do. As a reader here on PetsVill, please don’t do the same. Because an excessive water intake can warrant a grave adverse health concern for your guinea pig. 

Do Guinea Pigs Actually Like Watermelon?

You’ve pretty known that watermelon is beneficial to your guinea pig. The question now is, do guinea pigs themselves even find it lovable to consume? Do they enjoy eating watermelons? 

Guinea pigs can eat watermelons, Yes! But only some like it. However, some prefer the red part of the watermelon, while some solely detest that and only eat the outer part(the green color we usually dispose of). 

If you try to feed your guinea pig with watermelon, and it refuses, don’t panic. It’s normal. Go ahead and feed it with other food it finds enjoyable while eating.  

Guinea Pigs & Watermelon Rind Versus Fruit

To reiterate, the green outer part I was talking about earlier, the actual name is “rind.” In reality, the rind of watermelon contains most of the nutrients, while the red part of the fruits has more of the sugar nutrients. 

Hence, the reason why the rind is the best for your guinea pig. Top owners of guinea pigs have proven that they love and prefer the rind to the fleshy part. You might want to ask, “what about the seeds?” (More on that in the following subheading). 

Ensure you wash the watermelon rinds properly to wipe out some preserving chemicals that might have been used while it was in store. 

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Seeds?

So far, we are now aware that guinea pigs can eat the fleshy part and the rind of a watermelon. So, what about the watermelon seeds?

Well, unlike the “yes” answers provided for the rind and the red part of the watermelon, it isn’t just the same case with the seeds. The answer isn’t just straightforward. But let’s look at that in a bit.

As much as watermelon seeds may not be harmful to your guinea pig if appropriately chewed. But, it isn’t recommended at all. Please do not feed your guinea pigs with it. The reason is that it can be choking their swallow system. So, please, endure that remove the seeds one after the other before you serve your guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Regularly?

In short, the answer is NO. There isn’t any doubt that guinea pigs can eat watermelon. And that’s the fact. But is that a reason to feed them with it every time or even add to their daily diet? Of course not. It would be best if you only fed them occasionally. Once in a week is fine. 


I assume you’ve read from the beginning to this part to read my final thoughts on this congrats. If you haven’t, scroll up to do that. The content is highly beneficial for you to feed your guinea pigs pets safely. Trust me.

Guinea pigs can eat watermelons, yeah. Not even just watermelon, but every part of a watermelon, except for seeds that are not recommended, even if it’s not harmful to their health after proper chewing. I do not just recommend that. Guinea pigs love eating watermelons. However, not all. 

While feeding your guinea pigs with watermelon, ensure it’s minimal and add a mix of other types of fruits and vegetables to spice up the nutrient benefits. 

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