Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds Before Laying Down?

Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds? Are you bothered about the reason why Dogs Scratch Their Beds? If this is what you wanna know, then this article is for you.

Why do dogs scratch their bed before laying down on them, is it something to be worried about or is it a natural behavior for them? Many times you may have noticed your dog scratching at his bed before lying down on it.

There are several reasons dogs scratch at their beds. Most of it is just a natural habit for dogs to make the space safe and comfortable. However, from our research, it could also be a sign of Anxiety or distress. In this article, you will learn why your dog loves to scratch its bed.

5 Reasons why Dogs Scratch Their Beds

There are numerous reasons why your dog will scratch on their beds or couches. Check the list below for the most common sign in your dog and find out if you should become worried or not.

Reasons why Dogs Scratch Their Beds
Reasons why Dogs Scratch Their Beds

To make sleeping spot safe and comfortable

One of the reasons why dog scratch or dig their beds before lying on them is to make the sleeping spot safe for them.

This is a natural habit for a dog to first scratch its sleeping spot before finally settling in. Some wild dogs will dig and scratch on their sleeping spot to help prevent predators from coming there.

This natural habit has not left dogs, so even if the bed is luxurious and soft, they will still have to scratch a little before comfortably sleeping on it.

To Mark Territories

You may have brought in a domesticated dog as your pet, but this does not change the fact that dogs are from the wolves and wild dog descendants.

It is very likely that your dog still has the natural drive to scratch its bed from its wild ancestors.

Dogs have specific scent land in their body; this helps them to leave their body scents on their properties.

Your dog may be scratching its bed to mark its territory. This will prevent other pets from coming close to its territory. If you just bring new pets to your home, then your dog pet may be marking its territory.

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To Make the Sleeping Spot Comfortable

Another reason your dog will likely scratch on its bed is to make the bed comfortable. Dogs will dig into the beds that you buy for them before they lay on them. This habit brings some kind of soothing feeling and coziness.

This should not bring worries t you because your dog is only trying to be comfortable and its natural instinct tells it that it will be comfortable.

Anxiety and Worry

If your dog scratches on its bed excessively or aggressively, then this is something that you should look into. Your dog may be suffering from anxiety or worry.

If a dog scratches or dig in beds and couches a little before sleeping you have nothing to worry about.

But for a dog who scratches excessively or compulsively, you need to speak to your veterinarian. It may be that your dog is suffering from anxiety or separation anxiety.

For Warmth

If you find your furry friend always digging underneath blankets on their beds, they may be looking for warmth.

The house may be cold and your dog needs to find warmth. You may find them scratching at their beds to find warmth.

If you notice this, you can just turn off the Air conditioner or anything making the house cold.

Why do Dogs Digs in Bed?

Before dogs became domestic animals, they lived in the bush and have several wild behaviors.

Although your pooch may be a domestic animal, they have got the natural traits of dogs which are digging.

Digging is a natural trait of dogs. Scratching, digging, and circling were all natural habits of dogs.

Why do Dogs Digs in Bed
Why do Dogs Digs in Bed

Why do dogs scratch their beds now?

Dogs are no domestic animals, and then you may be wondering why they still scratch their beds.

Behavior patterns in dogs still remain, digging on their beds may not as a result of survival instinct, it could be out of curiosity, the maternal instinct is one of the reasons female dogs scratch on their beds, and so on.

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In case of any unusual activities with your Dog, you will need to talk to your veterinarian for quick medical intervention and treatment plans.

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Should I be concerned about My Dogs scratching bed habit?

Dogs scratching their beds a little before sleeping are normal habits. The only call for concern is when your puppy or adult dog scratching becomes excessive or compulsive.

In this case, you will need to talk to your veterinarian for quick medical intervention and treatment plans.

However, in case your pet is sick, we advocate you converse with a vet ASAP. You will have to talk to your vet about the next possible action to take.

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Your vet will carry out some diagnosis and examination. Once the cause is found, a treatment plan will be drawn out for your dog.

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