Why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears

Why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears? Yes, this can be a bothering question when you see your dog pet licking another dogs ears.

If you own more than one dog pet, you are likely to see them display some kind of behavior like licking each other, circling around, wagging their tails together, and so on.

When we spend time with our pets, we will discover some behaviors that are rare and amusing to us which will in turn boosts our curiosity.

If you have seen your Dog Licks another Dogs Ear you may be asking why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ear.

In this article, we will be exploring the topic of why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears and everything that you need to know about this habit.

Dogs licking each other are not a new trait but what is the reason for this habit? Do dogs really enjoy licking each other?

Why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears?

This may be a way of expressing tons of behaviors or passing information. Knowing why your dog is displaying certain behaviors is actually very good because it helps you know when to help them.

There are several reasons why dogs like licking ears. It is a common trait with dogs, most of them find it amusing and entertaining. Let’s look at possible reasons why dogs like each other’s ears.

Why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears
Why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears

Common Reasons Why Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears

Common Reasons Dog licks other Dogs ears are listed in this section of the article. Get facts and reliable answers here!

Show of Affection

Dogs are social animals, and one of the best ways they can display affection is by touching or licking.

When one dog licks the ear of another dog, this may show attraction and friendship.

This may be a signal to show that this dog is my friend since animals communicate differently from humans. It is not a cause for alarm when you see the other dog jumping excitedly.

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Show of Respect and Submission

Dogs are pack animals, they move in packs. Even when you have them as pets, they still have that natural instinct.

In packs, there are high-rankers and low-rankers. Smaller dogs have low ranks and bigger dogs have high ranks.

The smaller dogs will show respect and submission to higher ranks dogs by licking them. This is one of the reasons dogs lick each other’s ears.


Dogs also care about their hygiene. Irrespective of their rolling-in-dirt nature, dogs still have some hygienic behaviors.

Your canine friends may groom by licking each other’s body parts. Two dogs that are friends or dogs from the same family breed can help in grooming each other.

Licking each other’s ears is one of the hygienic behaviors of dogs. But too much licking can become detrimental to your dog’s ear because it can lead to infection or skin irritation.

Munching on Ear Wax

Although this habit sulks, some dog loves the salty taste of another dog’s ear wax. The reason your dog might be licking each other is because of the taste of ear wax. This is a bad habit and you should try to stop it before it becomes excessive.


Dogs have a strong sense of smell. Dogs can smell almost everything ranging from humans, other pets, crumbs, bones, snacks, and even infection. It is stated that dogs can smell infection even before the symptoms shows up.

Another reason your dog might be licking another dog’s ear maybe because it can smell an infection.

This is because an infection sometimes releases discharge or yeast. If you notice a change in a dog that doesn’t lick another dog’s ears and picks up the new habit, maybe it is time to contact your veterinarian.

However, in case your pet is sick, we advocate you converse with a vet ASAP.

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The Soothing effect of Licking

The Soothing effect of Licking
The Soothing effect of Licking

Licking has a soothing effect on dogs. One of the ways your dogs can calm each other down is by licking each other’s ears.

This is an effective mechanism that dogs produced. Your dogs may be going through Anxiety or stress, this can be their own way of communication.

So, you should not be forced to stop them but buy mentally stimulating toys for them.

Is it safe for Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears?

Now that you have learned why dogs lick each other’s ear, the next question should be is it a safe habit?

From our whys above, depending on the reason your dogs lick each other’s ears; the answer may be a yes or a no.

In some cases, it is not bad for dogs to lick each other if the reason for licking is to show affection, respect, or greeting.

This is not bad behavior. But if your dog has become an excessive or obsessive licker, then it might not be a safe habit for the licked dog. You should consult your veterinarian for any possible solution.

How to Stop Your Dog Licks Other Dogs Ears

How to stop an Excessive licking of dog – When you notice that your dog is an obsessive and excessive licker, then it is high time you help them stop the habit. Yes, you can stop them from licking each other’s ears.

Divert your dog’s attention from licking another dog’s ear by buying them interactive pet toys to play with. These toys will keep them busy and divert their attention from licking another pet’s body.

Get multiple pet toys for your dogs. Buy toys that will stimulate their minds and attract their attention.

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You can also get them something to lick on like a pet toy that is soft for licking. This will help them focus on licking their toys and not another dog’s ear.

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