Velcro Cat: 14-year-old Cat So Happy to Be Doted on Again

A 14-year-old cat is so blissful to be doted on once more that he has become a “velcro cat”.

Velcro Cat: 14-year-old Cat So Happy to Be Doted on Again, He Turns into a ‘Velcro Cat’

About three months in the past, a 14-year-old cat discovered himself at a shelter, misplaced and confused. His proprietor sadly handed him away, and he was introduced by the owner, needing foster care.

Each time he noticed a customer or employee, he perked up and hoped they might discover him. The cat was looking forward to consideration from individuals and did not wish to be alone. Greatest Mates Felines (BFF), an animal rescue group in Brisbane, AU, was knowledgeable about the lovable tabby and instantly organized a foster dwelling for him.

“We had been reached out by one in all our pound contacts about this good-looking senior man. He’s candy and pleasant,” Nikki of Greatest Mates Felines shared.

With the assistance of volunteers, the orange cat, named Rambo, was safely transported to his foster dwelling with Kate. “Whereas rains and floods hindered transport (on the time), Rambo lastly made his method to BFF’s care.”

14-year-old Cat So Happy to Be Doted on Again
14-year-old Cat So Happy to Be Doted on Again

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“The poor little man was mainly a strolling skeleton and extremely emaciated. Checks revealed that his T4 ranges, as suspected by his skeletal body, had been excessive,” Nikki added. “We instantly began thyroid treatment and bought some fluids into him in addition to infinite meals.”

Rambo’s eyes lit up as he settled into his foster dwelling. He rapidly became a love-bug and clung to his foster mother like velcro.

Being inside a cushty dwelling within the presence of a human buddy made him the happiest kitty on this planet.

“He’s such an affectionate and blissful little man who may be very beneficiant with head bumps and nostril bops, and loves nothing higher than to smooch you.”

The orange gentleman with nostril freckles blossomed after just some days in foster care. He placed on weight and gained power, and his coat recovered its mushy and luscious look.

“He has reached an accord together with his (resident) canine sister, whereas he’s nonetheless strongly disapproving of his cat one,” Kate shared in a replacement. “He is been taking his treatment like a slight angel. Rambo continues to make nice progress on his journey again to his greatest previous man self.”

“Rambo is such a snuggly, attentive man who does a distinctive scarf impression frequently.

He likes to be a part of the motion however being an older cat, he takes his nap breaks very severely and can shout to attempt to get individuals to sit down so he can sleep on them.”

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He likes to be a part of the motion however being an older cat
He likes to be a part of the motion however being an older cat

With wonderful medical care, nutritious meals, and loads of cuddles to go around, Rambo rediscovered his inner kitten and began taking part in once more, including zoomies to his day-by-day actions of consuming, sleeping, and invading his foster mother’s private area.

His favorite pastimes are draping himself on his shoulders, being tucked underneath a blanket together with his individuals, and wrapping his physique around their legs for intense and extended cuddles.

Rambo embodies the definition of an individual’s cat. He insists on being the focus and is at peace so long as he’s doted on by his people.

The candy tabby appears new and improved in each which means after three months of fine care and an abundance of affection.

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“He’s a solo diva and must be in a house with out different felines, and he wants somebody dwelling lots as he’s such a snuggle-bug,” Nikki shared. “He prefers to be draped over you in some trend and thrives on firm.”

Regardless of every part Rambo has gone via, he has by no means lacked an oz. of affection in the direction of his individuals—all he desires to do is have a heat lap to sleep on and a endlessly household to cling to.

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