No. 1 Multiple ESAs and Places You Can Take Them

Animal lovers know very well that just one pet is never enough and it’s written nowhere that you can only have one ESA.

Hence the question arises what is the amount of pets that you can have as an ESA and can they accompany you everywhere?

To resolve this dilemma we must dive deep into the topic and figure out how the laws work around ESA letters and emotional support animals. This article will work around the same and we’ll try to make understanding ESA laws a bit easier for readers.

Maximum ESAs you can have

Maximum ESAs you can have
Maximum ESAs you can have

Although there is no limit to the number of emotional support animals you can have you still need to comply with the government and state laws. This is important because there have been many cases where people get too many ESAs for themselves and then decide to move states.

But they forget about one thing: the laws can differ from one state to another and maybe the state you live in currently might allow 10 pets. There is a state who restricts that number.

Authorities you can trust

There are two pillars of authorities that you must obey when it comes to ESA and their accommodation which are:

ADA- The Federal Americans With Disabilities Act.

ADA understands that a person might need more than one emotional support animal to deal with their mental health issues. This is why they allow you to have more than one emotional support animal if needed.

For example-

  • One of your ESA may help you with social anxiety and another ESA helps you to cope with grief and the loss of a loved one. In such cases, both of these ESAs are required to make feel alright and work as a functional adults in society.
  • There are also cases in which both of the ESAs are required to deal with the symptoms of the same problem.

And ADA supports the need for more than one ESA in both scenarios.

Limitations on accommodation

Some laws restrict the accommodation of ESA to some point for example in case the breed of your ESA is too large to accommodate under the table in restaurants. Or if the place is tiny to hold all of your ESAs at once. In such a case, the owner of the place can ask you to keep your ESAs outside except for one.

HUD- Department Of Housing And Urban Development Fair Housing Act Rules

  • The rules for housing act rules are pretty straightforward, if your request is reasonable and the breed is of adequate size then the request to have more than one ESA can be recognized.
  • All you have to do is make sure you do not stuff large animals in tiny apartments or restaurants and make everyone and yourself uncomfortable.
  • Moreover, if your ESAs are well-behaved, are of adequate size, and have proper documentation like an ESA letter to show to your landlord then you are in the clear.

The rules stated by these authorities are important as they can help you to figure out how many ESAs you can have according to the state you live in.

Documents required

You will require documents to prove that your pet is an emotional support animal and want them to get access to your apartment and restaurants you visit:

  • ESA letter – it is a kind of legal document that describes your condition and how your ESA is a part of the treatment. This letter also helps to distinguish between a regular pet and an emotional support animal.
  • Rabies vaccination- having a certificate that indicates that your pet is vaccinated is needed even if your pet is not an ESA. In the case of ESAs, you will have to show the certificate along with other documents to get access to pet-prohibited areas.

Places you can take your ESA with you

Places you can take your ESA with you
Places you can take your ESA with you
  • Apartments
  • Airplanes

Places you cannot take your ESA with you

There are quite a few places that are not obliged to accept your ESA even if you have an ESA letter on you like:

  • Air BnB’s- although some do give you access to keep your pet with you in case some do not you can request them or talk it out with them.
  • Restaurants- if any restaurants don’t allow ESA then there is no way out other than to comply.
  • Workplace- this is another place that is under no jurisdiction to allow your ESA. But you can ask for an allowance and get access from the right sources.

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Bottom line

ESA letter helps you to make life easier and deal with the emotional disability with your companion wherever you go.

And getting an ESA letter is not hard at all. All you have to do is visit a reliable site that offers ESA letter services and has the personnel of an ESA doctor at hand.

Many platforms provide online consultations to their patients and provide ESA letters in a lightning-fast manner like My ESA doctor. So you can try such services out and get your ESA letter today!

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