My Dog Ate A Rubber Band [What Do You Need To Do Now?]

In case your canine has eaten a rubber band, you’re most likely very involved about what may now occur. Is there something you’ll have to do, particularly, or can you wait to your canine to go it via their digestive tracts safely? Properly, right here is all the pieces you’ll need to take into account and do. 

So, what do you have to do in case your canine ate a rubber band? In case your canine has eaten a rubber band, it’s best to contact a vet urgently. Whereas small rubber bands will often go via a canine’s digestive tract with out damage, they’ll get caught (within the throat, intestines, or round different objects in your canine’s abdomen). A vet can guarantee secure removing whereas limiting threat.

You don’t need to take any possibilities right here.

Apart from, you may be shedding priceless time ought to the band change into entangled.

And what’s extra, the process might be tougher and sophisticated to your vet, not solely placing your canine at increased threat but additionally costing way more to deal with, too.

There are some issues you are able to do, although, to help your canine. So maintain studying.

However first, why would a canine eat a rubber band, to start with?

It’s important to know – you don’t need this taking place once more, do you?

Why Do Canine Eat Rubber Bands?

Canine eat rubber bands for varied causes, however it’s most probably that they’re simply inquisitive and are investigating the band.  Additionally it is doable {that a} canine can swallow a rubber band by accident – or fragments if it manages to interrupt. In any other case, it may very well be that the feel feels good on their tooth.

Why Do Canine Eat Rubber Bands
Why Do Canine Eat Rubber Bands

Canine Like To Discover

Canine be taught concerning the world utilizing their mouths and their noses. They like to chew, placing many issues into their mouths and swallowing them with out considering of the implications.

For the canines, they’re merely trying out an object – or an animal – and don’t assume twice about whether or not it should hurt them or not.

If an object seems enjoyable or attention-grabbing, chances are high your canine will need to decide it up and munch on it!

The Texture

Rubber bands are gentle and chewy; sensations that really feel good on a canines tooth.

Apart from, they’re fairly just like canine toys, in that respect.

So, as soon as they handle to acquire a rubber band and get the possibility to chew on it, they’ll doubtless keep it up and look to take action once more, given the chance.

Rubber Bands Are Readily Obtainable

Rubber bands are in every single place, which is unlucky in case your canine likes chewing on them.

As a result of they’re utilized in house workplaces, kitchens, garages, and wherever else within the house, it’s simple for a canine to seek out some on the ground.

Some kids’s toys have colourful rubber bands that may appear engaging to a canine.

Typically, rubber bands get left exterior when mail or parcels are being delivered or acquired.

What Will Occur To A Canine That Eats A Rubber Band?

More often than not, your canine received’t come to any hurt from consuming a rubber band. Generally, although, the rubber band can create plenty of harm. Penalties may even be deadly.

Can A Canine Cross A Rubber Band?

Most canines can go a rubber band, however it does rely upon the scale of the band, the variety of bands consumed together with different components resembling your canine’s age, metabolism, the quantity of meals of their abdomen, and digestive well being.

Both method, it doesn’t imply he ought to.

How Lengthy Will It Take For A Canine To Cross A Rubber Band?

There isn’t any set time for a way lengthy it should take for a canine to go a rubber band.

Most issues that your canine eats will go via his digestive tract inside 10 to 24 hours.

Nonetheless, some objects can take so long as a number of months!

Why Your Vet Must Catch the Rubber Band Earlier than It Reaches the Intestines

In case your canine has eaten a rubber band, you’ll need to get him to the vet in order that the vet can take away the rubber band earlier than it reaches his intestines.

As soon as a rubber band reaches the intestines, it may be harder to take away – it requires pressing surgical procedure.

The rubber band additionally threatens your canine’s intestines (see under.)

Can A Canine Die From Consuming A Rubber Band?

A canine can die from consuming a rubber band, both from choking or from harm to the digestive system.

Canine can wrestle to breathe if a rubber band is caught inside their throats, to the purpose the place they collapse and lose consciousness. Dying can comply with if they aren’t seen instantly.

Even when the canine swallows the rubber band, it might probably get caught inside his gut.

Because the gut tries to digest the rubber band, the fabric may cause his intestinal observe to rupture. This course of is named plication.

Merely put, the gut tries to maneuver the rubber band ahead. But when the band is caught, the canine’s bowel will fold upon itself (a bit just like the drawstring on a pair of trousers.)

A gap within the gut outcomes, resulting in peritonitis, usually deadly.

Peritonitis can result in necrosis, the place the an infection kills the encompassing intestinal tissue.

The ensuing blockage can stop meals from going via your canine’s intestines.

Can A Canine Die From Consuming A Rubber Band
Can A Canine Die From Consuming A Rubber Band

What To Do Now Your Canine Has Eaten A Rubber Band

In the event you assume your canine has eaten a rubber band, name your vet instantly. Any indicators of problems can seem fairly quick, often inside 24 to 48 hours. In the event you aren’t positive he’s eaten something unsafe, there are indicators to look out for.

Generally you don’t see your canine consuming one thing he shouldn’t. Because of this it’s important to find out about some indicators that your canine might have swallowed a rubber band or one other overseas object.

Listed here are some signs or indicators to look out for that may let you know your canine might need eaten one thing he shouldn’t:

  • Vomiting
  • Pawing at his mouth
  • Choking or gagging
  • Licking his lips greater than ordinary
  • Drooling excessively
  • Swollen or painful stomach
  • Not consuming all of the sudden
  • Restlessness
  • Digestive issues resembling constipation or diarrhea
  • Lethargy

As a result of consuming rubber bands may be deadly to your canine, it’s finest to make a journey to the vet when you consider it’s doable your canine has eaten a overseas object.

Verify Your Canine

In the event you see your canine is struggling to breathe, get your canine to the vet asap. On the best way, examine your canine’s mouth for overseas objects, taking note of:

  • Between his gums
  • Underneath his tongue
  • The roof of his mouth
  • The again of his throat

Generally a rubber band will get caught between tooth and may be partially swallowed, inflicting choking. In the event you see the rubber band has NOT been swallowed and it strikes simply, you’ll be able to take away it your self.

Word: Don’t attempt to pull out a rubber band that’s caught in your canine’s throat! You can harm his throat or different delicate components. Even when you see the rubber band hanging from his mouth and going again into his throat, don’t be tempted to chop it out your self. Your vet will sedate your canine to take away the rubber band safely.

Carry out The Heimlich Manoeuvre On Your Canine

Right here’s how you can assist your canine take away an obstruction utilizing the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

For Huge Canine

Don’t decide up your huge canine since you may inadvertently trigger inner harm.

Right here’s what to do in case your canine is standing:

  1. Put your arms round his abdomen
  2. Make a fist whereas clasping your fingers collectively
  3. Place your fingers simply behind his ribcage and push firmly, shifting your fist up and ahead
  4. Assist your canine to lie on his aspect afterward

In case your canine is mendacity down on his aspect:

  1. Put one hand on his again to help him
  2. Put your different hand just under his ribcage, on his stomach
  3. Push your hand up and ahead on the identical time

For Small Canine

  1. Get your canine to lie down on his again
  2. Put the palm of your hand just under his ribcage on his stomach
  3. Push in and ahead on the identical time

After the Heimlich Manoeuvre, irrespective of the scale of your canine, examine his mouth.

You might have dislodged one thing, and if it’s now in his mouth, it must be unfastened sufficient so that you can take away your self.

What Your Vet Will Do

In the event you’ve introduced your canine to the vet, right here’s what you’ll be able to anticipate. Your vet can do any of the next:

  • Sedate your canine to take away the rubber band from his throat or mouth
  • Induce vomiting
  • Do a bodily examination, together with X-rays, to examine in case your canine has swallowed one thing and if there’s a blockage
  • Do an ultrasound or an endoscopy. This can decide the probability of your canine having the ability to expel the rubber band himself with out the necessity to your vet to intervene with surgical procedure
  • Do an extraction to take away the rubber band with out harming the fragile esophagus
  • Perform gastrointestinal surgical procedure, which can necessitate the removing of enormous components of your canine’s bowel. This kind of surgical procedure could be very dangerous, and a few canines might not survive it
  • Advocate surgical procedure of a unique kind, relying on the place the rubber band is in your canine’s system

Word: In case your vet wants to hold out in depth procedures in your canine, know {that a} rubber band can have costly penalties. Surgical procedure and different procedures can run up vet payments starting from a whole lot to 1000’s of {dollars}.

How To Stop Band Consuming From Taking place Once more

In the event you’ve simply had a scare on the vet and have come house a bit poorer, you’ll want to know how you can cease your canine from consuming extra rubber bands.

Listed here are some prevention concepts:

  • Limit entry to sure areas of your property by closing doorways or utilizing child gates
  • Preserve rubber bands and different objects your canine may doubtlessly swallow saved in drawers. Don’t go away such objects on flooring, low tables, chairs, or somewhere else your canine can entry
  • In case your canine opens cupboards, attempt securing the doorways with baby-proof latches
  • Regulate your canine once you’re out strolling him, even when he’s on a lead. Numerous canines will decide up irresistible ‘tidbits’ from the bottom earlier than their proprietor may even blink to see what they’ve discovered
  • Discover your property in your fingers and knees to get a way of any hazards your canine may encounter. See your property from his viewpoint, and take away any objects you encounter that would find yourself in his curious mouth
  • All the time watch your canine when he chews on toys or treats
  • Revise your inspection of areas of your property that may change into accessible to your canine as he grows: desktops, counter tops, kitchen counters, and so on.


For what are comparatively boring objects, rubber bands may cause plenty of harm to a canine if they’re eaten.

Can being a very powerful phrase right here.

The reality is, some canines are in a position to safely go them.

However that doesn’t imply it’s best to go away it ‘to probability’.

So, if you recognize that your canine has swallowed a band, get involved with a vet as quickly as you’ll be able to.

The quick you act, the simpler it will likely be to your vet to get it up and out of the system.

They usually can help your canine in the course of the course of too.

Don’t delay.

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