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A quite latest addition to the cat fancy, the Highlander Cat is a poised feline with uncanny similarities to the massive cats with regards to look. Admired by the cat lovers for her affable disposition, genteel demeanor, and the highly effective construct of a wild cat, she is one phenomenal cat to have.


In keeping with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), work on this breed began in 1993 with the intention to develop a breed that boasted the seems to be of a wild cat and the temperament of the pleasant, home varieties. The Worldwide Cat Affiliation (TICA) claims the work was initiated in 2004. Nonetheless, a few home cats have been used to create a totally new breed, avoiding any of the acknowledged forms of the time, whereas enthusiastic breeders devoted themselves to setting requirements and defining the brand new selection.

Breed Overview

Highlander Breed Overview

Weight Male: 15 – 20 lbs.

Weight Feminine: 10 – 14 lbs.

Coat Colour: Various

Sample: Tabby, Pointed

Life Expectancy: 10 – 15 Yrs

Since there was a deliberate try at making this cat seem like its wild cousins, the Highlander maintains the magnificence, magnificence, and muscle of a considerable wild feline. Coming in each quick and lengthy hair varieties, these cats are simply identifiable with their regal tabby/level with an underlying tabby coat and its distinctive curled ears. A crossbreed between a number of breeds, it is available in a wide range of totally different coat colours.

It has a well-built athletic and muscular physique, rectangular in form, rear larger than the shoulders with medium to excessive boning. Their head seems like an inverted pea, eyes medium-large oval in form however set huge aside, ears erect, partially curved and presumably embellished with tufts, muzzle huge, and facial profile blunt. With all of the sturdy our bodies, the Highlander cats have a virtually non-existent tail that ought to measure as much as one inch at the very least and should sport curls. Since their cats aren’t all the time seen, they make it to the listing of cats with no tails.

Highlander cats have sturdy legs, medium in size however longer on the again than the entrance, whereas their toes have a big rounded look, accompanied by tufts of hair, solely within the case of the longhair selection.

Highlander Cat Habits & Temperament

Don’t let your judgment get clouded by the looks of this cat, for not solely is it cordial but it surely additionally provides an excessive amount of comedian aid. Branded the clown of the cat species, these cats excel at making strangers pals and greeting friends.

Highlander is a comparatively quiet cat with a great deal of vitality that must be dissipated positively—loads of train and playtime to maintain her physique and thoughts in good well being. An clever breed, it will be the happiest when supplied the alternatives for psychological stimulation.

Because of her candy nature, the breed will get alongside rather well with youngsters, supplied that the youngsters perceive how they need to behave with a pet. That’s, to be loving and respectful in direction of the cat and never tease it or pull its ears/tail.

Highlander Cat Care

This isn’t a really troublesome cat to maintain, so doing the common good pet parenting would principally do the job. However every pet is totally different, with a definite character of its personal, which must be accounted for when you’re offering look after them.

Listed here are some methods you have to be caring in your beautiful pet.



Grooming is the simplest to carry out for the short-hair cat, with a weekly sweep protecting it look good. As for the longhair, it’s good to pay a bit extra consideration, giving it a each day comb to maintain its hair away from any mess or tangles.

Don’t have a brush completely designed for cats but? Listed here are a few brushes you’ll be able to look into.


Giving her common baths, clipping her claws each few weeks, and routine tooth brushing just a few occasions per week will preserve her in a wonderful hygienic state. Since cats are inclined to ear infections, wiping her outer ear with a cotton ball laced with a secure ear-clearing resolution would represent nearly as good pet protecting.

Well being

Good Weight-reduction plan & Loads of Water

Protecting your pets sufficiently fed and making certain they’ve entry to wash consuming water on a regular basis ought to preserve them in good condition. You additionally want to concentrate to the standard of meals you might be providing to your Highlander, apart from enquiring your vet if her food plan is acceptable for her age and dimension.

Whereas cats ought to all the time have entry to cat-only meals, what if she nibbles infrequently on human meals? Here’s a

listing of human meals cats can eat—or not.  

Bodily & Psychological Stimulus

The Highlander is an lively cat breed with a really playful nature that wants sufficient playtime to stay wholesome. Present her the chance to run round and flex these magnificent muscle tissues within the outside. 

Arrange cat bushes and scratch posts to let her relieve her pure feline urge, and provide cat toys and mentally stimulating puzzles to maintain boredom at bay. Since Highlander is a pleasant breed that enjoys firm, they are going to do rather well with any fellow species in the home to maintain them firm.


Other than that, getting her the required vaccination will prevent a lot of bother and result in the next high quality of life for her. Discovering a vet who understands your Highlander and getting her common check-ups every year will assist establish any attainable well being points early on and save your kitty a lot of problem.

Whereas these cats might develop widespread feline points like ear infections, upset abdomen, and urinary tract infections, they’ve a specific probability of growing Horner’s Syndrome – a neurological situation that impacts the facial muscle tissues and the attention. Signs might embrace droopy higher eyelids, constricted pupil (affected aspect), sunken eye, or the third eyelid showing reddened, swollen, or raised.

Studying concerning the signs of the well being circumstances that might have an effect on your cat and understanding your manner round offering emergency care till you will get her to a vet contain the first caregiving your cat wants from you.

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