3 Best Guinea Pig Cages To Buy

Best Guinea Pig Cages

If you want the best guinea pig cage for your domestic cavy, then this review got you covered. As amazing as having guinea pigs as a pet is, knowing the best guinea pig cage to buy to keep it safe should be your utmost priority. So, hence, if you’re looking for the best guinea pig cage to get, you’re in the right place. 

Finding the best cage with less hassle/issues to keep your guinea pig can be a bit daunting, as there are a lot of undetailed suggestions out there. In this review, I penned down real-life experiences gathered from pets enthusiasts who have used these cages before, to put you on the right route to making a good buying decision as per the information I got. Continue reading. 

What Is The Best Guinea Pig Cage To buy? 

MidWest Store’s cage for small home pets is the best cage available in the market for your guinea pig(s) according to my research. However, in case that is far from your choice, there are additional two cages I’ve recommended in this review from other brands — judging from users’ experience — well okay, too.

Why MidWest Is The Best Guinea Pig Cage

MidWest, as a company, does not only produce cages for pets but also other beneficial pets products anyone can use to take proper care of their pets. Hence, exhibiting an authority in this industry — they didn’t just start today. And this is why I highly recommend their stuff.


guinea pig cages


Highlighted Features 

  • Weight(16.7 pounds) 
  • Material(iron) 
  • Colour (white & red)

This 4 feet long cage is great for so many reasons. It’s lightweight. You may choose to include a wire extension to the two sides of the cage. The tray does not pull. When you decide to tidy the cage, you should get a non-abrasive cleaner to sweep the dirt off. 

You can decide to add two different extensions respectively — the wire and hutch extension — the latter on the end and the hutch on the other end. And yes, you can pull the elevation part of this cage. The regular size is suitable for your guinea pig, you do not have to get any bigger size of it.

You cannot leave the top of this cage completely off, but you can open it wide enough to do whatever you want to do — there is an 18×14 inches door right there on the top.

This cage can contain up to four guinea pigs, yeah, comfortably, even. Your guinea pigs cannot pop open the hatch lid. Really safe stuff, that you can leave your page therein and go to work or shopping — no worries at all. Always remember, MidWest had long been producing great products for great pet owners.

One biggest downside to this product is that you can’t use it as a free-standing pet cage, so, therefore, you can’t purchase the hatch alone. 


  • No tools are required.
  • Easy setup.
  • Instruction sheet inclusive 


Guinea Pig Cages

Highlighted Features 

  • Material(wood)
  • Weight(31.1 pounds)
  • Wooden colour

If you’re not a fan of a very spacious cage for your guinea pig, then this is the best option for you. It’s built with wood. Lest I forget, it comes in two forms of materials — the wooden one and the aluminium — the wooden is yellow, the other is in light grey.

This is great if you hate cages with paint — no paint at all. It’s heavy enough, cannot be pulled or disturbed by any external pets, such as cats, that’s if you have one. 

And yeah, you can keep 2 or more guinea pigs in there. But, I recommend 2 max. One amazing thing about this product is that you do not need to buy any extra drawer bottoms. This is, in fact, a very mobile cage, you can keep on replacing its position whenever it suits you. 

The bedding of your guinea pigs won’t get out easily because the deepness of the tray at the bottom is about 1.5 inches, so the bedding stays in there very well positioned. 

One downside about it is that the bars aren’t that wide and the wood does not protect the odour of the urine.


  • Ramp(removable).
  • Hideout(removable)


  • Wire drop floor isn’t built with this(all irons)


Guinea Pig Cages

Highlighted Features 

  • Material(plastic)
  • Weight(11.69 pounds)
  • Colour(white & grey)

If you don’t enjoy cleaning up cages all almost every time, this isn’t for you. Because this is an overall white cage — the bottom, body, etc. But, if you have no problem with that, then read this, too. 

This is a very fancy-looking guinea pig cage and it comes with a bottle feeder, built-in food plate, etc. — as every other good cage does. Great hideout for your guinea pig also. Your domestic cavy is definitely going to feel good staying in this cage. :). 

And it’s super easy to lift the hide box when you want to clean or even retrieve your guinea pig(s). This is more or less a cage for starters(if you’re just starting), and I do recommend you to get this cage only if you’re planning to keep just one in there. Otherwise, refer to no.1 recommended cage. 


  • Quick setup.
  • Cleaning is easy.


  • Very fragile. 


I’ve put up my honest reviews for three awesome cages from three great brands, of which MidWest is the one I recommend the most — as per users’ experiences. 

I hope you find the review helpful and informative. If you do, kindly share with your fellow guinea pigs fanciers. Thanks for reading.

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The best overall guinea pig cage is the MidWest Homes for Pets Guinea Habitat (available at Amazon), which has a PVC-lined bottom that’s comfortable for guinea pig feet and almost 8 feet of space for them to roam. Source

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