160 Famous, Ice And Two-Headed Dragon Names

Are you looking for a name for that fierce and fire-breathing creature? You just found the right page because we have listed a comprehensive list of dragon names ranging from two-headed, ice, famous, boy/girl dragon names, and a whole lot of others. 

We are well aware that dragons are mere myths used primarily on adventure movies, video games, cartoons, and stories. But sometimes you may like to name your pets names that mean dragon or dragon-like; Moreso, game lovers may want to name their dragon, and this article comes in handy. 

Whatever your reason for seeking a proper name for that fierce creature, keep reading to see various names suggestions that you could find fitting for that dragon

Two-Headed Dragon Names

Are you looking for a name for Two-Headed dragons? Here is a list of name ideas. 

  1. Duedeaoon (Duet of the Moon) 
  2. Twiligest (Twindle of the Forest) 
  3. Twoligrld (Two of the Underworld) 
  4. Duodeadom (Duo of the Kingdom) 
  5. Paieviies (Pair of the Skies) 
  6. Doueviean (Double of the Ocean) 
  7. Twistrsea (Twins of the Sea) 
  8. Twyvenano (Twynne of the Volcano) 
  9. Paiwinake (Pair of the Lake) 
  10. Twywinire (Twyn of the Hellfire) 

Names That Mean Dragon 

Here is a list of names that mean dragon or dragon-like. 

  1. Kaliyah (Hindi meaning “killer of the multi-headed dragon.”) 
  2. Ladon (Greek Named after a river god and 100-headed dragon.) 
  3. Brenna (Celtic meaning “blazing light.”) 
  4. Tyson (Meaning “fiery-tempered.”) 
  5. Alina (Meaning “bearer of light.”) 
  6. Drake (English meaning “dragon.”) 
  7. Chumana (Native American meaning “snake maiden.”) 
  8. Kai (Scottish meaning “fire.”) 
  9. Malinda (Old Greek meaning “sweet serpent.”) 
  10. Pendragon (Celtic meaning “chief dragon.”) 
  11. Edna (Hebrew meaning “fiery red.”) 
  12. Cadmus (Greek meaning “dragon teeth.”) 
  13. Adalinda (Meaning “noble serpent.”) 
  14. Xiuhcoatl (“Fire Serpent” in the Aztec religion.) 
  15. Chusi (From Hopi meaning “dragon flower.”) 
  16. Brenton (Meaning “fire” and “flame.”) 
  17. Aine (Meaning “fire” and “splendor.”) 
  18. Tatsuya (Refers to the Japanese sign of the dragon.) 
  19. Hydra (Greek meaning “many-headed dragon.”) 
  20. Ormr (Meaning “dragon,” “serpent,” or “snake.”) 

Ice Dragon Names

Below is a list of ice dragon names ideas. 

  1. Eisdrachen – (ice dragon in German.)
  2. Snowstorm – (heavy fall of snow along with the wild.) 
  3. Frostine – (ice queen.)
  4. Blizzard – (snowstorm.)
  5. Yukina – (snow flower.) 
  6. Eirwen – (blessed snow.) 
  7. Nidhogg – (powerful.)
  8. Absinthe – (wormwood, bitterness.) 
  9. Sarmite – (frost.) 
  10. Chilalea – (snowbird.) 
  11. Lodsmok – (ice dragon in Polish.)
  12. Valkoinen – (white.)
  13. Melly – (braveness and uniqueness) 

Famous Dragon Names 

Movies, stories or games inspired the names below. 

  1. Pendragon – (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning “strong values for justice and discipline.”
  2. Long – (Chinese and Vietnamese origins) meaning “a dragon.”
  3. Irad – (Israeli Origin) meaning “an empire dragon.”
  4. Anguis – (Latin American Origin) meaning “excellent strength.”
  5. Doryu – (Buddhist Origin) meaning “one who understands the ways of a dragon.”
  6. Dracon – (Old English) meaning “good ability to understand.”
  7. Khuzaimah – (Arabic Origin ) meaning “the Elba Dragon Tree.”
  8. Fafner – (Norwegian origin) meaning “dynamic, versatile and optimistic.”
  9. Cadmus – (Greek Origin) meaning “dragons’ cold teeth”.
  10. Draken – (Greek Origin) meaning “strong desire for a stable family.”
  11. Merlin (After the infamous wizard in the King Arthur myth.) 
  12. Saphira (This dragon name is also the dragon’s name in the book, Eragon.) 
  13. Darksmoke (After the dragon in Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer.) 
  14. Diaval (After Maleficent’s faithful servant in the Maleficent films.) 
  15. Dragonite (This dragon name comes from the adorable Pokémon!) 
  16. Elliot (After the lovable green dragon from Pete’s Dragon.) 
  17. Maleficent (After the dragon shifting villain in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.) 
  18. Thorn (After the dragon from Eldest by Christopher Paolini.) 
  19. Brantley (In German, this dragon name means “fire.”) 
  20. Kai (This Scottish-inspired dragon name means “fire.”) 

Boy Dragon Names 

Here is a list of boy dragon names. 

  1. Mummot (The Warm) 
  2. Gayza (The Stubborn) 
  3. Ydreg (Destroyer Of Men) 
  4. Zavraym (Champion Of The Yellow) 
  5. Joldrir (Champion Of The Red) 
  6. Tirsyss (The Fast One) 
  7. Muzzosdag (Champion Of The Blue) 
  8. Chyrdasdu (The Nocturnal) 
  9. Milzrydyg (The Adorable) 
  10. Frirgaym (The Grumpy) 
  11. Brirsinth (The Youngling) 
  12. Tythirth (Protector Of The Weak) 
  13. Qezziss, (The White One) 
  14. Grydrem (Gentleheart) 
  15. Frersir (Champion Of The Red) 
  16. Zyrvyg (Champion Of The Skies) 
  17. Pilbeicrurth (The Barbarian) 
  18. Tezodur (The Dark) 
  19. Kimbontirth (Warmheart) 
  20. Ikin (Lord Of The Yellow) 
  21. Freson (Lord Of The Skies) 
  22. Goranun (The Rabbit Slayer) 
  23. Bidre (The Mysterious) 
  24. Qenner (The Young One) 
  25. Grasuss (The Creep) 

Girl Dragon Names

Here is a list of girl dragon names. 

  1. Simmos (The Brave) 
  2. Shienuss (The Bright) 
  3. Uvne (Protector Of The Weak) 
  4. Sitilth (Eater Of Bunnies) 
  5. Vollas (Destroyer Of Life) 
  6. Chapo (Eater Of All) 
  7. Cersess (The Redeemer) 
  8. Lovanurth (The Grumpy) 
  9. Ighossair (Lady Of The Blue) 
  10. Irvelath (The Brave) 
  11. Qondri (The Nocturnal) 
  12. Pezarth (Champion Of The White) 
  13. Fekan (Destroyer Of Men) 
  14. Syrry (The Insane) 
  15. Shursy (Champion Of The Black) 
  16. Civnon (Champion Of The Green) 
  17. Nirorth (Lady Of The Black) 
  18. Voghulu (The Deathlady) 
  19. Andorrass (The Champion) 
  20. Hadoryr (The Young One) 
  21. Marloath (The Chosen) 
  22. Ykyth (The Fierce) 
  23. Ozza (Protector Of Creatures) 
  24. Tynnit (The Grumpy) 
  25. Ukulth (The Slow) 
  26. Germerth (The Scary) 
  27. Pallat (The Magnificent) 
  28. Piemmony (The Gentle) 
  29. Daennorrionth (The Creep) 
  30. Negassen (The Chosen) 

Fancy Dragon Names

Are you looking for fancy names for a dragon, check out the list below. 

  1. Ruseil (The Victorious) 
  2. Frezierth (Braveheart) 
  3. Reodrie (Bringer Of Death) 
  4. Athoan (Eternal Fire) 
  5. Iemeor (Lord Of The White) 
  6. Uliot (The Skinny One) 
  7. Zaymmiarth (Lord Of The Blue) 
  8. Qindodayd (The Life Giver) 
  9. Raedryntur (The Eternal) 
  10. Eirrephu (The Bunny Killer) 
  11. Pairlat (The Young One) 
  12. Qelren (The Clean) 
  13. Cendelth (The Young One) 
  14. Chulrunth (The Nocturnal) 
  15. Taissayrth (Braveheart) 
  16. Iovnu (Gentle Mind) 
  17. Chiamroig (The Hungry) 
  18. Aemoanur (Giver Of Life) 
  19. Geirlunio (The Calm) 
  20. Iondroiriod (Eater Of All) 

Powerful Dragon Names

Here is a list of powerful dragon names that would best suit that fierce creature. 

  1. Blaze (Fire) 
  2. Viper (Venomous snake) 
  3. Rex (King) 
  4. Camelot (From King Arthur and his Castle) 
  5. Hedwig (Battle) 
  6. Errier (Fierce) 
  7. Maevnussut (Lord Of Fire) 
  8. Shyrlonay (Destroyer Of Life) 
  9. Frerryry (Powerful) 
  10. Jergintarth (Fire Starter) 
  11. Choryrth (Dragon Lord) 
  12. Bomris (Champion of the Black) 
  13. Abeloth (Bringer of Chaos) 
  14. Ezorreod (Strong Minded) 
  15. Bullet (Metal Weapon) 
  16. Briony (To Sprout) 
  17. Sobek  (Egyptian god of the Nile) 
  18. Bazzoit (The Gifted) 
  19. Augustine (Increase) 
  20. Antoinette (Priceless One) 
  21. Rizontie (Ice Breathe) 
  22. Drachenstein (Wingless Firedrake)

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What do you call a baby dragon?

In most fantasy movies, stories, or games, offspring of dragons are called wyrmlings, hatchlings, or whelps. 

What is a two-legged dragon called?

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Growing up, dragons movies like Eragon were amongst my favorite movies. The fact that it’s a myth never crossed my mind because it was so believable. 

I guess that’s one of the things that inspired this write-up about naming a dragon. 

So if you are looking for a proper name for that fierce creature for whatever reason, I have outlined a comprehensive list above to make your naming task easier. 

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