Do chickens pee?

Do chickens pee? Guess you stumbled unto this page because you are inquisitive to know if chickens pee. You are on the right page cause we have made some research and come of with some facts to help with your curiosity. In this informative article we will know if chicken pee and other fun facts you should know about chickens.

Do chickens pee? Yes, chickens do pee. However, the chickens do not urinate a stream of liquid like the
mammals, and this is because they do not have a bladder. A chicken’s urine is the white crystals you see on the outside of the poo.

If you own backyard chickens, then you have probably learned all kinds of exciting things about the chickens, including what the chickens like eating and how to keep them healthy, and you may even consider yourself an expert on chicken-related matters, but do you know if chickens pee?

Do chickens pee?

Chickens and birds do not pee because they do not release liquid urine. They excrete a urine product in the form of a white paste that they pass with their stool instead of peeing out urine.

Do chickens pee

One of the unsatisfying things you may discover when raising your flock of chickens is that they poop everywhere! You must have noticed the white part of their poo — essentially their urine or what is left of it. I know that you may not care to learn too much about the inner workings of the chickens’ urinary system, and that is understandable, but to give your chickens that absolute best care, it is pertinent to know how their bodies work and even the parts which are not so fun.

What makes up a chicken’s excretory system?

The chickens’ excretory system is the system that removes metabolic waste from their bodies, and chickens do have two kidneys which serve as the base of their entire excretory system as it is with humans. If the kidneys become too damaged, the rest of the chicken’s body will not function properly, resulting in a deadly situation.

Do chickens pee

The chicken kidneys perform three vital duties:

  • Managing the balance of electrolytes
  • Sustaining water levels
  • Removing metabolic wastes from the body

Unlike most mammals, they do not have a bladder to store urine or a urethra to release liquid urine from the body and each kidney, a ureter exits the organ and enters the cloaca.

A cloaca is a cavity that serves several functions, including releasing excrement from the

How does the chicken’s excretory system work?

It filters and collect the chicken’s urine, then sends it through the ureters to the cloaca; this part is exciting, though, where a unique process called reverse peristalsis occurs, essentially rerouting and forcing the urine into the chicken’s large intestine instead of the urine going to a nonexistent bladder. While the urine is in the large intestine, the chicken’s body re-absorbs any excess water from the urine to leave it mainly a white pasty glob of uric acid.
The urine exits in the large intestine mainly on faecal matter, and that is why you see white stuff with their poo! It sounds good to know, but it still sounds weird to think about!

How to prevent urinary problems in chickens

1. You should avoid feeding high protein diets to chickens.

If it gets out of control, a high protein diet can cause a chicken to produce too much uric acid, and their bodies will be unable to handle it, which can lead to gout in chickens — a disease that can be fatal if not treated quickly.

2. Prevent dehydration

Ensure your chickens have plenty of water available all the time. Even if chickens do not pee, they still require plenty of water daily to survive because it helps the chickens’ kidneys clean out toxins and excess uric acid in their system.

3. Feed the chickens with only the products designed specifically for them

Feeding grains and processed foods designed for other livestock or humans should be wholly abstained from. However, the occasional treat will probably not harm, but if the chickens are fed daily with that in excess, certain foods can be deadly for some chickens.

Endeavour to Feed the chickens with the products made especially for chickens to contain the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies and kidney’s functioning at the highest level.

4. Avoid feeding laying pellets to young chickens

Laying pellets are designed only for hens that have started laying eggs because they have higher protein and calcium levels, both of which can overwhelm a young chicken’s body and severely hinder their kidney function.

Do chicken eggs come out at the same place as their poo?

Of course, the chicken egg comes out of the same place that the chickens poo comes out of, but it is not that simple. Faecal excrement and eggs both exit from the cloaca; however, the cloaca cavity itself has three different chambers within it.

Do chickens pee

One of the chambers connects to the colon, another connects to the ureter, and the other connects to the opening of the vent, and the vent is where the formed eggs enter the cloaca on their way out of the chicken.

As soon as the chicken starts to lay an egg, the opening to the colon is essentially closed off from the pressure of the egg so that it can prevent it from being covered in poo. The Chicken egg does not pass through the colon, where the faecal matter is formed, but the egg and poo exist from the same opening.

Conclusion: Do chickens pee?

Chickens are fun little critters to raise and be taken care of, but it is essential to know the less than thrilling aspects of how their bodies work so that you can spot any changes quickly.

Like I have said from the onset, Chickens may not pee as our other farm animals do, but now you know, therefore if you see the white paste in their poo or by itself, you need not be worried — things are working the way they should!

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Do chickens pee?

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