Can Hamsters Eat Cheese? 2 Facts You All Need To Know

Are you wondering if hamsters can eat or have cheese? We answered that question and more facts you need to know about hamsters.

Well to satisfy your curiosity, the answer to the question is Yes! hamsters can eat cheese! But if can hamsters eat cheese? is all you are interested in knowing then you can stop reading, that is the answer to your question.

However, if you want more information on this very subject matter which is can hamsters eat cheese or can hamsters have cheese then this article may be useful for you to read.

Hamsters can eat many things and they can have cheese, but can hamsters eat cheese? can be answered in many ways.

It depends on the type of hamster you have because not all can have cheese. You can feed your Syrian hamster or Russian dwarf hamster with some types of cheeses, but it doesn’t mean that they can also eat other types of cheese. That can be quite dangerous because the wrong type can have negative effects on your hamster.

It’s not recommended to feed them with cheese, but you can give them a very small amount and see how they react to it. If they can eat cheese, then there is nothing else stopping you from letting them eat some more as long as it doesn’t become obsessive.

Is Cheese Safe for Hamsters to Eat?

can hamsters eat cheese

Now you may wonder if cheese is safe for hamsters to eat? can hamsters have cheese? can hamsters eat cheese? can hamsters eat dairy products like cheese?. Cheese can be safe for them, but there are some types that you can’t give to your hamster if they can eat it.

Cheese is made out of milk which also contains lactose which is bad for the health of your hamster. Lactose can cause many health problems for them. It can cause diarrhea, can lead to serious digestive problems, can be dangerous for diabetic hamsters, and can mean obesity if they eat too much cheese because it contains about 5 – 8 % of fat that can produce weight gain.

Moreover, you can’t give them the regular, processed cheese from the grocery store. They can’t eat cheese which is made out of cow’s milk. It can cause problems with their digestive system and can be very dangerous for them to eat this kind of cheese.

What Hamsters Can Eat

can hamsters eat cheese

Hamsters can primarily survive on a diet of primarily cereal grain-based food, chopped vegetables, and seeds. But if you want to make them happy, can hamsters eat cheese? can hamsters have cheese? can they only eat certain types of cheese if they can eat it at all? can hamsters eat dairy products like cheese? Cheese can be a nice treat for your pet that will make him or her happy.

So yes, you can give them some pieces of real cheese, but don’t give them too much.

Can hamsters eat cheese every day?

Cheese can also be bad for your hamster but can hamsters eat cheese every day? Hamster’s digestive system is very sensitive, so you can’t feed them with too much of it. So feeding your hamster cheese every day can be dangerous.

You can feed your hamster with some pieces of real cheese, but don’t give them too much.

How can I feed my hamster cheese?

To feed your hamster cheese can be quite simple. Cheese can be fed to your hamster in a few ways.

If you want to feed them with some pieces you can cut some pieces from a piece of cheese and feed them like this.

You can also grate some cheese and then give it to them like that.

Do hamsters like cheese?

can hamsters eat cheese

Are you wondering if hamsters really like cheese? The answer is yes, your Syrian or Russian dwarf can like and enjoy cheese in small amounts. They can be very happy when you give them some pieces of real cheese because it can make them feel relaxed and can feel safe.

Can hamsters eat cheese puffs?

Cheese puffs can be a nice treat for your hamster if he can eat them. Yes, you can give even some pieces of cheese puffs to your Syrian or Russian dwarf as a little snack.

Can hamsters have cheese sticks?

You can also try giving them some cheese sticks as a treat. Just make sure to give them only one or two cheese sticks so they can enjoy it without being sick of it later on. Hamsters can be very picky when it comes to food, but hamsters can have cheese sticks.

Can hamsters eat cheese chews?

Cheese can also be fed to your hamster in the form of cheese chews. You can give them some pieces of this kind of cheese if you can find it in the pet store.

Best Hamster Foods

Now let’s take a look at some of the best foods for hamsters. If you are getting some trouble deciding on what are the best foods for your pet, then here are some reviews that might help you:

Perfect Blend Premium Hamster Food

The Perfect Blend Premium Hamster Food is one of the best brands when it comes to hamster foods. It can contain a high amount of protein and can be excellent for long-haired Syrian hamsters because it can prevent hairballs from appearing.

Sale Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat & Hamster Food

The Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat & Hamster Food can be a great choice if you want to make your dwarf hamster happy and satisfied. It can contain protein, fat, fiber, and minerals and can also support their immune system in the best way possible.

Zupreem Hamster and Gerbil Premium Diet

The Zupreem Hamster and Gerbil Premium Diet can be a great alternative if you want to provide your pet with a healthy diet on a daily basis. It can be beneficial for their immune system, can improve their health in a natural way, contains everything they need, and can make them happy.

Related Questions

What foods are poisonous to hamsters?

Below are some of the foods you shouldn’t feed your hamsters:

Raisins can be harmful to tiny dwarf hamsters who can have some serious problems with digestion. On the other hand, it can be dangerous for larger Syrian hamsters if they eat too much of it since raisins can get caught in their throat.

Raw potatoes can be toxic because they can contain some compounds that can be toxic for hamsters. The best way to ensure your pet won’t have some problems with eating the potato is by removing the skin and cooking it before feeding it to them.

Can hamsters eat chocolate?

Chocolate can be a great treat for your Syrian or Russian dwarf, but it can also be a little dangerous if they can eat too much of it. It can make them feel aggressive, can cause vomiting, and can increase the probability of tumors appearing.

Can hamsters have strawberries?

Strawberries can be beneficial for your pet if she can have some pieces of it since they can contain vitamins A, C, and E which are all great antioxidants that can support their immune system and can eliminate dangerous free radicals from their body. But they can also be dangerous if your hamster can eat them too much because they can contain glycolic acid which can damage their digestive system and kidneys.

Sugary foods can cause hyperglycemia, kidney diabetes, and liver problems in hamsters so you can try to avoid them as much as you can.

Conclusion: Can Hamsters Eat Cheese

Now to sum it all up and answer the main question: can hamsters eat cheese? The simple and short answer would be: yes, they can. It can be beneficial for them since it can provide them with proteins and fat which can support their growth, but you can always choose different types of food that contain those things such as nuts or seeds. Also, make sure to avoid sugary foods, raisins, and raw potatoes because they can be dangerous for your Syrian or Russian dwarf.

Hope you had fun reading through the article and I also hope it was resourceful as well. Please share this article with friends and family. Thanks!

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