Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes? All You Should Know

Are you wondering if bearded dragons can eat grapes? Well, keep reading to find out and also see some other amazing things you should know as regards your beardies.

Having a bearded dragon as a pet can be quite cool because they are adorable and fun to have around. I know the reason you are curious to know if your adorable pet can eat grapes is that you care for that cute creature. Well, the good news is Yes! bearded dragons can eat grapes.

Grapes can be a good choice of fruit for your bearded dragon and can also help boost its immune system and help fight infections due to the many benefits they have. These fruits can also help tone down the pet’s hunger level because they can easily satisfy their taste buds. So if you own a bearded dragon then feeding your dragon with grapes can be one of the best choices you can make to take care of it.

You can feed your bearded dragon with black, red, or green grapes but make sure to remove any seeds before feeding them to your pet because these can cause damage to its digestive system. If you are giving grapes for the first time then it’s advisable that you give them at least two or three grapes to check if your pet can digest them without any problem.

You can also feed your dragons with raisins that can also provide the same benefits as grapes to their health. But make sure to never crush these before feeding because it can result in serious internal damage to the dragon.

Grape Nutritional Values

While feeding your beardie with grapes, I know you would like to know some nutritional values of grapes to make sure you can give your dragon enough nutrients and vitamins.

Well, grapes can contain lots of essential minerals like iron, potassium, manganese magnesium, calcium, and many others. Grapes can also provide a good dose of vitamin A and vitamin C to dragons that can help boost their immune system and can fight infection too.

Grapes can also contain lots of phytonutrients like resveratrol and quercetin that can support your dragon’s health in lots of ways. It can help fight cancer, can aid weight loss, can improve cardiovascular function, can boost the immune system, and can even help prevent lung disease.

Health Benefits of Grapes

can bearded dragons eat grapes

There are lots of health benefits associated with the consumption of grapes and can help in providing the following health benefits to dragons too.

  • Grapes can be a good source of antioxidants that can help fight cancer
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of grapes can aid in weight loss
  • The high fiber content can aid digestion, increase bowel movement, and can prevent constipation
  • They can help stimulate the metabolism and can boost fat burning too
  • Grapes can contain resveratrol which can improve cardiovascular function and can prevent heart disease
  • They can also help prevent lung disease by reducing inflammation in the lungs
  • They can boost immune function can help fight against infections

You can give grapes to your bearded dragon as a treat or snack at any time but make sure that you don’t feed them too much because too much can cause serious health problems. Keep this in mind and try giving your pet some grapes to see how it can help improve its health.


Ascertaining when your bearded dragon can have grapes depends on the size of your dragon. If you are giving grapes to a baby then it can have 1 – 2 grapes at a time or can be given as an occasional treat between its diet meals. However, if you are giving grapes to an adult then they can have 5 – 6 grapes at a time but can also eat raisins instead.

A bearded dragon can eat grapes once a week or can have them on some other day that can provide lots of health benefits to your pet.


can bearded dragons eat grapes

Grapes can be given to baby dragons on their weekly diet at any time they are hungry for more food. On the other hand, adult dragons can eat grapes in the morning and can also have them in the night if they are hungry between their diet meals.


There can be some health issues when your bearded dragon can’t eat grapes and these can lead to serious problems like a blockage. The reasons can be the following:

If your dragon can’t digest grapes and can’t eat them. If your pet can’t chew grapes or can’t crush them in its mouth before swallowing them, then it can result in blockage at the throat. Grapes are not good for dragons with tooth problems so if you can see any problem with their teeth after it starts eating grapes, you can stop feeding them with them.


There can be an ideal diet plan for your dragon when can eat grapes. This can help get rid of all the problems that are related to the lack of nutrients in their diet meal. The following can be the ideal diet plan for all the age groups –

1. Baby Dragons can have grapes on their weekly diet meal can eat 1 – 2 small-sized grapes at a time or can also have some raisins instead. But make sure you give them no more than 2 servings per day.

2. Adults can have 5-6 medium-sized grapes can eat them in a day either morning or night. They can choose to eat some raisins instead of grapes because large amounts of raisins can be harmful to their health.


Bearded dragons can’t eat grapes all the time because of the following reasons:

  • Too much sugar can lead to diabetes
  • If can’t digest grapes can cause a blockage
  • Too much oxalic acid can cause stones in the urinary tract

Risks of Eating Grapes

Bearded dragons can eat grapes quite comfortably but can also face some health issues that can be of serious consequences if can’t get the right medical treatment.

Here can be the risks of eating grapes –

  • Too much sugar can lead to diabetes which can cause serious problems like weight gain, increase in thirst and urination, sudden blindness, etc.
  • Too much potassium in grapes is bad for bearded dragons
  • Grapes are very acidic which can lead to the formation of urinary stones in your pet’s body


can bearded dragons eat grapes

Yes! Bearded dragons can eat grape leaves because they can be a good source of nutrients that can help improve their health.

Bearded dragons can eat grape leaves and can also chew some vine fruits which can help maintain their dental structure. They can use these as a toothpick to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Grape leaves can have lots of benefits for your pet’s skin, can help them in shedding their skin properly.


Bearded dragons can eat grapes whole, However, lots of owners prefer to give them grapes with the skin removed, you can cut out each grape from its stalk and can remove its seeds.

You can also give your pet a whole bunch of grapes or you can place it in a fruit mesh feeder. you can hang it from the top of their enclosure, this can make your dragon work for its food and make them eat as many as they want.

What Do Bearded Dragons Need to Eat?

The main foods for bearded dragons are insects like crickets, can also give them some vegetables like carrots, can give them fruits like apple and grapes, can make use of multivitamin supplements.

Fruits can provide your pet with lots of essential nutrients but can also be high in calories which can cause obesity if not given in the required amounts. So feed your pet only the amount it can manage, that can be a better choice.

Note: can also give your pet some healthy vegetables that can help them get the essential nutrients that can help in their growth.

Related Questions:

Can Bearded dragons eat the skin of grapes?

Yes! It is safe to feed your bearded dragon grapes with the skin on them. Bearded dragons have no problem digesting grape skin.

Can Bearded dragons eat bananas and grapes?

Yes! bananas and grapes are part of the bearded dragon’s diet.

Can bearded dragons eat pickles?

Because of the high acidity and sodium content of pickles, it’s not advisable to feed your pet beardies pickles.

Conclusion: Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

To summarize all the things we can say that bearded dragons can eat grapes. Grapes can provide lots of health benefits to your pet and can keep it healthy and strong.

They can also prevent some serious problems like a blockage. So, if you can see any problem with their diet plan, you can always add grapes to their diet and can see how can it can help improve their health.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this article and it was resourceful as well. Please share with your friends and family. Thanks for stopping by.

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes

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