206 Most Common Evil Dog Names

You probably need evil dog names to tell everyone or your friends that your puppy is tough,

brave, and strong; then, you are in the right place.

Naming your dog an evil name is an excellent way to exhibit your dog’s strength and loyalty. If you recently adopted a male or female puppy or you already own one without a name, here is a list of evil, guard dog, and tough dog name ideas for your dog.

Did you recently adopted a male puppy? Perhaps, you need an evil or a bad name for it?
Check out our list of the 206 most common evil dog names.

Evil dog names:

1. Samantha (derived from the Bewitched movie)

2.Tabitha (Child from Bewitched)
3. Naughty (to be unkind, mean, or not nice)
4. Beast (The generally all-purpose Name for a monster)
5. Katrina (the Twilight series)
6. Carmen (the Twilight series)
7. Eleazar (the Twilight series)
8. Marcus (the Twilight series)
9. Jasper Hale (“)
10. Demetri (“)
11. Alice Cullen (“)
12. Felix (“)
13. Alec (“)
14. Laurent (“)
15. Caius (“)
16. Aro (“)
17. Irina (“)

 18. Heidi (“)

19.Blair (the Witch Project)
20.Dagger (A combat knife that wounds)
21.Morticia (Addams Family)
22.Gomez (“)
23.Lurch (“)
24.Fester (“)
25.Thing (“)
26.Jaguar (The Midnight Predator)
27.Black Beard (the history most feared pirate)
28.Braeden (it means from the dark valley)
29.Pookah (an Irish word for Hobgoblin)
30.Amadis (means immortal in Latin)
31.Blade (a cutting tool)
32.Kodiak (the feared grizzly breed variation)
33.Monstrous (the Creepy College Kids)
34.Freddy (Freddy Kruger)
35.Clarimonde (La Morte Amoreuse)
36.Machete (A heavy knife that is usually used to cut down vegetation)
37.Risika (In the Forests of the Night book)
38.Brute (Any animal or creature that is not human)
39.Nissa Ravena (from the Shattered Mirror novel)
40.Kaleo (derived from the same novel above)
41.Paige (from the third Charmed movie)

42.Shelley (A reference to Mary Shelley)
43.Boo (Scary)
44.Voldemort (From the Harry Potter series)
45.Vlad (The Impaler, most crucial ruler in Wallachian history )
46.Hurricane (the Destructive storm with violent winds)
47.Bowie (A large one-sided sheath knife)
48.Arsenic (A steel-grey toxic chemical element)
49.Damien (Boy from The Omen)
50.Endora (Mother-in-Law from Bewitched movies )
51.Merlin (the Camelot Sorcerer)
52.Fang (Tooth or teeth used for biting a snake or vampire)
53.Shadow (a Pet Name)
54.Bloody Mary (Ghost Legend)
55.Arachna (from the Spider-Woman movie)
56.Cyclops (One-Eyed)
57.Misty (Out of the Mist)
58.Hulk (the Green monster of TV)
59.Carden (means from the black fortress in Celtic)
60.Freddie Krueger (the Nightmare Monster)
61.Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie)
62.Pugsley (Addams Family)
63.Bones (the Skeletal)
64.Medusa (creepy Kids – The snake-haired mascot)
65.Wednesday ( A Daughter from Addams Family )

206 Most Common Evil Dog Names
206 Most Common Evil Dog Names

66.Dullahan (from the Headless Horseman)
67.Fury (Extreme and violent)
68.Ghidora (A 3-headed Monster)
69.Menace (A threat or danger)
70.Dolores (a reference to Dolores Claiborne)
71.Raven (the Poe’s Famous Poem)
72.Duckula (Duckula)
73.Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie)
74.Barnabas (Vampire Collins from the Dark Shadows)
75.Sookie (A character from the True Blood drama series)
76.Fiend (A wicked and cruel dog that dislikes mail carriers)
77.Danger (Bad situation)
78.Ichabod (Legend of Sleepy Hollow Story written by an American author)
79.Crusher (ideal for a large and robust dog)
80.Barbarian (shows the neighbors cat no mercy)
81.Hecate (From Shakespeare’s Macbeth play)
82.Phantom (Ghost)
83.Armand ( Vampire Chronicles)
84.Fala (Demon In My View)
85.Grover (Grover Dill, derived from A Christmas Story)
86.Blaze (an aggressive dog)
87.Samara (The Ring novel)
88.Salem (gotten from Witchy Black Cat)
89.Chucky (super evil doll)

90.Desdemona (Of the Devil)
91.Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)
92.Svenghouli (from the Horror Show Host)
93.Klingon (A character from Star Trek)
94.Kurt Barlow (Salem’s Lot)
95.Twilight (Dusk)
96.Lord Daryl (the Midnight Predator)
97.Atilla (Also known as the Hun)
98.Countess Solingen (Dracula’s Guest)
99.Nosferatu (a Famous Vampire)
100.Zombie (the Living Dead)
101.Igor (a Faithful Assistant)
102.Carrie (Stephen King’s Telekinetic Teen)
103.Aleron (means “on the wing” in Latin)
104.Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
105.Quasimodo (Hunchback film)
106.Bela (a Scary Movie Actor)
107.Simon (The Silver Kiss)
108.Vianess (Creepy Kids)
109.Dunkan (means “dark one” in Celtic)
110.Bluto (the bully in Popeye)
111.Buffy (from the Vampire Slayer)
112.Cruella ( from 101 Dalmatians)
113.Vancha March (Cirque du Freak series)

114.Capone (Al Capone, a gangster)
115.Nyx (Of The Night)
116.Sabrina (The Teenage Witch)
117.Killer (Taker of life)
118.Badger (An animal that knows no fear)
119.Scarface (Al Capone’s Nickname)
120.Cruella (Ms DeVil from 101 Dalmations)
121.Godfather (The Godfather movie)
122.Gremlin (Gremlin hates bath)
123.Banshee (Sean-woman creaming Spirit)
124.Bruiser (a canine bull in a china shop)
125.Regan (The Exorcist film)
126.Lucifer (the Devil)
127.Kern (means dark in Gaelic)
128.Fang (the Long Tooth)
129.Ares (named After the Greek god of war)
130.Nefarious (a villain-like dog)
131.Elvira (Mistress of the Dark)
132.Kong (Huge apes that made a massive mess of New York)
133.Boris (Karloff, a Scary Movie Actor)
134.Herman (The Munsters)
135.Sirena (Horror High)
136.Dracula (From Book & Movie)
137.Alucard (Hellsing)

138.Gizmo (A cute furball, but don’t get him wet)
139.Igor (The main sidekick to Count Dracula)
140.Gnarly (a Disfigured, twisted out of shape and a dangerous dog)
141.Corbin (Corbin means a raven)
142.Bully (One who bullies)
143.VooDoo (a Bewitching Magic)
144.Carlos Rivera (The Vampire Huntress Legends)
145. Brutal (a cruel and rough dog)
146. Vigan (Return to a Dead Place)
147. Sasquatch (Bigfoot)
148. Darth (Vader & Maul from Star Wars)
149. Frankenstein (From Book & Movie)
150. Zorak (Praying Mantis from Space Ghost)
151. Hercules (A muscular Roman hero on steroids)
152. Betelgeuse (Don’t Say It three Times)
153. Nasty (a Cruel, offensive, spiteful, and all-around mean dog)
154. Ather (In the Forests of the Night)
155. Nebula (Dark Mist)
156. Grizzly (A potentially aggressive bear)
157. Chaos (Extremely Disorganized)
158. Reaper (Very Grim Visitor)
159. Jessica (Midnight Predator)
160. Lestat (Anne Rice’s Vampire)
161. Delano (means of the night (French))

Evil dog names
Evil dog names

162. Merciless (To have no mercy)
163. Priscilla Fier (Fear Street Sagas series)
164. Midnight (12:00 a.m.)
165. Jager (In the Forests of the Night)
166. Hilda (Witchy Name)
167. Hades (Hell)
168. Monster (Ugly, mean, misunderstood)
169. Diablo (means Devil in Spanish)
170. Bluebeard (Pirate Ghost)
171. Hulk (Scary Superhero)
172. Kieran (means little dark one in Celtic)
173. Jason (A reference to Friday the 13th)
174. Nikolas Ravena (Shattered Mirror)
175. Piper (Another Charmed witch)
176. Casper (A Friendly Ghost)
177. Nathaniel (Midnight Predator)
178. Amaia (means-end in Basque)
179. Damian (Damian is the Name of the devil boy in a movie)
180. Claudia (The Vampire Chronicles)
181. Karayan (means the dark one in Armenian)
182. Zelda (From Sabrina)
183. Godzilla (Big mean Monster that wouldn’t leave Japan alone)
184. Rosemary (Had a Devil Baby)
185. Dillinger (John Dillinger, notoriously criminal from the’ 30s)

186. Magnum (Powerful)
187. Poe (Famous Author)
188. Black (The color of evil)
189. Cujo (an evil dog in Stephen King’s novel)
190. Evil (Morally wrong or corrupt)
191. Ripper (Jack’s Nickname)
192. Mars (God of war movie)
193. Blade (Tomb of Dracula)
194. Lilly (The Munsters)
195. Alumit (Alumit means secret in Hebrew)
196. Skull (Skinless Head)
197. Wolverine (X-Men)
198. Dementia (Insanity)
199. Beelzebub (Devil)
200. Malice (means wishing to harm someone)
201. Daray (means dark)
202. Brutus (Caesar’s friend and assassin)
203. Crimson (Color of Blood)
204. Tariq (means night visitor in Arabic)
205. Abel (means breath, vanity in Hebrew)
206. Biff (derived from the Back to the Future movie)


There you have it, those are list of the most common evil dog names that can always give you an idea when naming that evil-looking or strong faced dog. Hope you enjoyed reading through, please do share if you found it helpful.

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