110 Cute And Funny Deer Names

Are you looking for some cute deer names ideas for your deer? Read to the end of this article to find out the perfect name to give to a deer!

Deer are majestic and gentle creatures: beautiful, friendly, and beautiful animals that make for great pets. People have found keeping deer as pets more interesting after watching Disney’s Frozen and Bambi’s old hit.

You might also want to keep deer to breed them for meat because they consume less fodder, mature fast, do not cause much damage to pastures, and reproduce for as long as 20 years.

However, you can also keep deer as private pets. A well-known species of deer: muntjac deer — are often kept as a pet just like you keep a dog as a pet.

If you treat deer well, they can prove to be great pets because deer don’t remain wild anymore when they are raised with humans and have ample opportunities to socialize with
our species.

Here are some of the species of deer you can keep as pets

• Sitka deer
• Muntjac deer
• Axis deer
• Reindeer
• Fallow deer
• White-tailed deer

If you newly got yourself a pet deer, then you must be thinking about what to name,especially according to its gender. Choosing a pet name for any animal can be a tiring task. Also, it becomes more difficult when you are looking for names for a pet as unusual as a deer. If you are also looking for the best names for deer pets, you are in the right place. This blog post is all about deer names. You’ll find Not only cute deer names here but also male deer names, female deer names, or general unisex deer names, or even baby deer names.

Let’s quickly look at some unisex deer names for your cute and loving pet deer.

Unisex Deer Names

Unisex Deer Names
Unisex Deer Names

Here are some unisex deer names you can choose from:

Darby: a British name that translates to “a forest rich in deer.” It is possibly a word corrupted from the English word Derby, which has almost the same meaning.

Derby: a British name and a variant of Darby, Englg “a deer farm.” It is a very common name among pet deer.

Hartley: a British name traced from the old origin, derived from heorot, meaning a male deer, and Leah, which means pasture or meadow. Therefore, Hartley translates to “deer meadow.”

Isi: a Native American word that means deer.”

Ofra: a variant writing form of the Hebrew word Ophrah meaning “a young deer.”

Male Deer Names

If your deer is a male, that’s fortunate enough because there are still some male names you can choose from:

Actaeon: a Latin word derived from the Greek word Aktaion, meaning brightness.

Aktaion: A variant of Actaeon, Aktaion was a hunter who was transformed into a deer after being killed by his dogs.

Ayal: a Hebrew name that means “stag or gazelle.”

Ayalon: a variant of the Hebrew word Ayal which means “a place of deer.”

Buck: an American pet name meaning “a male deer.”

Daimhin: an old Gaelic name meaning ‘little deer.’

Devin: Devin is a variant of Daimhin, which means ‘little fawn.’

Dishan: Dishan is of Hebrew origin, which means ‘a threshing.”

Epher: a Hebrew name, which means ‘ “calf” or “gazelle.”

Eyal: Also a variant of the Hebrew name Ayal.

Herschel: a variant of the word Hershel in Yiddish meaning’ deer.’

Hersh: A short writing form of Herschel.

Hirsh: a variant form of Hershel.

Hjort: Hjortr was traced from an old name of Norse origin, which means ‘stag or hart.’

Oisin: Oisin was traced from an Irish origin, which means ‘little deer.’

Oscar: Oscar is a frequently used name for pet deer, which means ‘deer lover.’

Oscar: Osgar means ‘deer lover,’ it is a Scottish name.

Osheen: Osheen means’ little deer,’ too.

Rasha: Rasha means ‘young gazelle,’ it is an Arabic word.

Roscoe: Roscoe means ‘roe-deer’ — it is a British surname.

Sachie: Sachie means ‘roe-buck leap.’

Tegan: Tegan means ‘a doe,’ in Celtic.

Toru: Toru means ‘persistent, clear.’

Zevi: Zevi means ‘a deer or gazelle,’ it is a variant of the Hebrew word Tzevi.

Female Deer Names

Amentia: Awentia means ‘a fawn’ and is Derived from Anita.

Ayala: Ayala is a Hebrew word derived from Ayal, which means ‘a fawn or deer.’

Ayelet: Ayelet means ‘a morning star,’ it is a Hebrew word, too.

Ceren: Ceren means ‘young gazelle,’ it is a Turkish name.

Devnet: A name traced from the Irish origin meaning ‘little fawn.’

Dorcas: Dorcas is a Latin form of the word Dorkas, and it means a ‘young deer.’

Elain: Elain means ‘a fawn’ — it is a Welsh name.

Fawna: Fawna means ‘a baby deer’ — derived from the word fawn.

Leola: Leola is a very uncommon name because it is an Anglo-Saxon name; it means loyal, faithful, lion.

Niabi: a native American word, which means ‘a small deer.’

Oprah: Oprah is a variant of the Hebrew word Ofra, meaning ‘a fawn.’

Rasha: Rasha means ‘young gazelle,’ it is an Arabic word.

Baby Deer Names

Baby Deer Names
Baby Deer Names

Perhaps, you own a baby deer? I’m sure they are the most beautiful and cutest little things!

Here are twelve baby deer name ideas for your dear pet:

1. Bambi

2. Buttercup

3. Hope

4. Jane doe

5. Lucky

6. Precious

7. Snowy

8. Stormy

9. Wonder

10. Miracle

11. Promise

12. Love

Cute Names For A Deer

You do not want that common name for your pet deer. Do you need something CUTE?

Here are 57 unique cute names for pet deer you can choose from:

57 Cute Deer Names For Your Deer Pet

1. Abie

2. Blessed

3. Bambi

4. Beauty

5. Buttercup

6. Bucky

7. Caney

8. Freckles

9. Faith

10. Goodness

11. Goody

12. Godiva

13. Gracie

14. Grace

15. Hurricane

16. Hope

17. Ivan

18. Isabella

19. Ivana

20. Ivanlee

21. Ivanette

22. Ivandoe

23. Ivey

24. Ivanova

25. Josie

26. JayneDoe

27. Lucky Ivan

28. Lucky

29. Lucy

30. Miracle

31. Milagro

32. Mary

33. Neena

34. Navi

35. Promise

36. Precious

37. Peace

38. Reindeer

39. Rainy

40. Raindrop

41. Sarah

42. Samara

43. Saved

44. Serenity

45. Serendipity

46. Snow Goddess

47. Skivan

48. Snowy

49. Snowvana

50. Sunshine


52. Stormy

53. Sunshine

54. Willow

55. Wonder

56. Wendy

57. Zoe


By now, you have varieties of options to choose from; I’m sure you will be able to choose a great name for your pet deer.

Deers are amazing animals: loving, caring, and can be easily tamed with love and a little patience — ensure you choose the right species of deer if you want to keep them as pets.

Finally, you should provide them with a suitable environment as much as possible, as it keeps them happy and healthy.

You are going to fall in love with these animals in just some days of bringing them home, regardless of what you name it, because they are wonderful creatures, and you surely will have an amazing time with them.

Happy naming!

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